Deltic Energy Plc is a London based oil and gas exploration business investing in the UK’s proven hydrocarbon provinces.

Deltic Energy plc, (formerly Cluff Natural Resources plc) invited us to take part in a two-way pitch to rebrand the business based on the work they had seen, by us, for Synnovia plc’s rebrand.

Having taken part in a detailed briefing meeting with CNR (at that time) we developed a range of robust visual concepts to answer the client brief.

The brief included two key points:
1. Convey a British heritage.
2. Portray river deltas – the essence of the new name.

From the shortlisted options we presented, we worked with the client to drill down to the final solution – a strong, robust and ownable brand identity that linked to river deltas and sediments present in deltas, known as “deltaic” sands which are common reservoirs for oil and gas.